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I went. I saw. I covet so many more things now.

I finally did it! I went to WPPI  Las Vegas. And let me tell you, however overwhelming you think it is, it is so much more than that.

I was so unprepared for the entire event, I though I would get down some words of wisdom for other WPPI Innocents:



















1. This whole pre-boarding of 5 classes business. I found  this inexplicably confusing. Perhaps it is one of those things that once you get it, it is absurdly obvious, something akin to my 12 year old confusion about deodorant—you see, I did not initially understand deodorant to be about a morning routine. I initially understood it to be like a salve that you rolled on after working up a sweat. Stop right now with the judgement! IN my defense my mother was in her hippie-caftan phase and was working on her ‘all children should be free’ theory of parenting. Plus, I had brothers, not sisters. Play me any 10 seconds of any Kiss song— ANY KISS SONG –and I could identify the song name AND album, plus I knew about ditching Andy Gibb for John Lennon which was very advanced for 1983. The point being I was a quick-witted child and I am an equally quick witted adult but there are those things that require a bit of explaining

Fortunately for me, the lovely Lori Fuller explained:


“…You can pre-board for five of the platform classes that are included with your registration.  That means you can select five speakers you would like to see and if you pre-board with them, you stand in a separate line and get early admission into the seminar room…. it is a way to ensure you get in to see the speakers you really want to see b/c many of them fill up…even in those conference rooms that hold a couple thousand people.  You are allowed to go to as many classes as you want throughout the conference, not just five.”


2. One thing it is important for you to know about me is that I am a strong believer in a skin cair routine that includes a good SPF. WPPI, however, is an exception, as you will only be outside for about 10 minutes a day.Skin Care. Go ahead, scoff, but between the hotel air, the casino smoke, and all the walking your skin will dry out like parchment if your not very careful. I recommend packing Clinique’s Moisture Surge Use it before bed and under your makeup. This is about the only time I think its OK to wear a day moisterizer without SPF, as you will only be outside for about 10 minutes a day

3. A pair of very, very, very comfortable shoes. I recommend Thierry Rabotin. I’m telling you, the soles are made of tiny pillows sewn by fairies who frolic among the lavender fields in a tiny Italian village that smells of candy and happiness

4. Say it with me: “I would like to thank the universe for inventing Anne Ruthmann. Amen” Now read this please

5. After decades of suffering through those horrific, over sized, bulky, naaaaasty camera bags, the good people of the planet are finally waking up to the fact that women photograph and we want to look fabulous. Bring money to purchase one of Kelly Moore’s indispensable creations. And your welcome.

6. If you’ve enjoyed this post, you may feel the undeniable urge  to buy me a present, I would like this please . Thank you.















Pre pubescent turtles

Things that make me cookoo-bananas-pissy and a cure for my hateful pissiness

A list, in no particular order, of things I hate:

1. Semi-casual acquaintances from years back who get married, change their last name, use their tiny new born infants as their Facebook profile picture, then friend you and assume you will know who they are. Really? What am I, the infant whisperer?

2. Very tall people who ride the Muni, stand in front of me in the Muni train stairwell, thereby completely blocking my exit from the train. Its particularly annoying when I shout ‘Excuse me!’ to get them to move, and they turn around and search the blank space directly behind their heads, about two feet above mine. Yes, douche bag, I am under 5 feet, I do exist, and thats my stop your about to make me miss.

3. Anyone who doesn’t like Steve Martin. Because, what, you think you could make a better movie than ‘The Jerk’? No.

And my cure…..

These pics I took of Carlos Santana. He was  a pleasure to photograph and I’m wild about what we came up with.

Am I tooting my own horn? I can live with that.

Give me Lemons and I’ll make (Meyer)lemonade

I have this very clear memory of the first time I remember seeing snow; I was 6 and the giant windows in my first grade classroom became blanketed in the most perfect and luscious shade of white.  For a moment, the loud screeching sound of 30 other children dimmed and you could hear some kids suck in their breath with wonder. My world was silent and perfect and bright. This is how I feel when I walk into the cosmetics section of any large department store, Bloomingdales say, or Saks, the world goes quiet and my breathing becomes more….more…. relaxed.

I love everything about it; the glistening bottles of moisturizer and colorful tubes of lipstick and trays and trays of eye shadow and the perfect, clear liquid toners. TONER! Really, it is the most underutilized product, you think it doesn’t matter because it looks like water, but so does vodka and clearly vodka is very important so why does everyone overlook toner? It’s so wrong.

When I was in high school, I had a French teacher who was actually French—this was in the 80’s when everyone still assumed the French were the ultimate authority on beauty—we had not yet caught on to the whole hairy armpit thing—anyway I was thrilled to be in the audience of someone so…well…so French! I assumed it would be a beauty tip cornucopia. Well.  The only tip she ever let go was to squeeze lemon in your eyeballs to make your eyes look brighter. Bad, bad idea. Also, she gave me a D+. A year later I learned about the armpits. Horrid.

Twenty years later I moved to California and discovered the Meyer Lemon. Terrible in the eyes but perfection in the mouth. Perfection!



Last week my husband and I had a grand success: We pulled off our first Thanksgiving dinner! The Turkey was divine, the gravy was stupendous, and only one dish (yams) got left behind in the kitchen.

We had a few friends and my husbands’ family to feed. Occasionally I wish I believed in god enough to pray that if we ever get knocked up, our child will have the sweet, kind and laid back demeanor of my husbands people rather that the neurotic, high strung, slightly mad persona of mine. They say your not allowed to pick though which I think is sort of unfair on the part of god, but so it is.

Second in difficulty rating to making the gravy was the hour that I was left alone in our house with my husbands’ adorable five-year-old nephew. I like to think of myself as a real snow white when it comes to kids, but the truth is I need a camera in my hand to bring out my inner snow white. After what seemed like half a day of eating crackers, engaging in a tickling contest (I won) making faces at each other (he won) eating more crackers, accidentally knocking over a coffee table and breaking three glasses after which yours truly let slip a very loud, very inappropriate swear word, and generally utilizing every possible activity in a non-kid household I was exhausted but congratulating myself on a job well done.

Until I realized only 20 minutes had passed.

Fortunately, said nephew is a member of my husbands’ clan and had a fairly practical approach to my panic, he sat down at the table and ate the cookie his mother had left for him. A cookie I had completely forgotten about. Then he asked for a glass of milk. If he had been one of my peoples, he would have decided to throw a temper tantrum instead as a ruse to get the day moving along.

Oh—and in case you’re curious, the most attractive dish on a thanksgiving menu is the cranberry sauce. While it’s cooking anyway. Simply divine. I don’t know why it doesn’t get more play.